Cannot send SMS via sendsms

(vasil) #1

I am new to playSMS , so this might seem basic, but still …
playSMS and Kannel seem to be installed and working properly, no alarms in the log files.
When I try to send an SMS from command line on the machine where playSMS is installed via:
http:// localhost:13013/cgi-bin/sendsms?username=kannel&password=kannel&to=03333021909&text=testSMSmessage
I a getting error:
2018-12-05 09:36:22 [18918] [3] DEBUG: Status: 400 Answer: <Sender missing and no global set, rejected>
Please advise what do I have to configure in playSMS to be able to send an SMS to http endpoint ?
I only have admin user created in playSMS …
Will be very gratefull for any advice…

(Edilson Spessoto) #2

This have to do with kannel. Set global-sender on smsbox config.