Can I use a standard web server to install PlaySMS? Or I need VPS?

(Uzumakifahim) #1


I am really interested about this software and I want to install it.
My question is, is it possible to install on a standard web server, where all prerequisites are already fulfilled? Or I need a VPS and install the software?

Please clarify someone. Thanks in advance.

(Anton Raharja) #2

You need all required software to be installed (such as PHP, webservers etc). You don’t need root access, but you do need to be able to run a background (daemon) service.

It can be in a VPS, your own server or even shared hosting (but loose some of the feature due to unable to run background services from Cpanel).


(Uzumakifahim) #3

WOW!!! Thanks for the quick reply and also for the clarification. From the clarification, I think VPS or my own server is preferable to get the best from PlaySMS.

One more thanks, for this great piece of software you started developing. I really see a great future for this software as a open source project.

(Uzumakifahim) #4

Is there any guide or tutorial about installing PlaySMS on a shared hosting? I can’t find any.

How can I do it?Please help someone.

Thanks in advance.

(vmos) #5

You need to have shell access that is to run commands at shell prompt. If your hosting provider gives you this option, you are good to go.

(Uzumakifahim) #6

Thanks vmos for your reply. I’ve a good experience of installing different web applications (CMS, Smal ERP, CRM etc.) in those cases I just upload the file to the root/web directory and access that location using a browser. I get all the required options to install the applications, in those cases I don’t need to use shell. I can’t understand how can I get shell access in a standard shared web hosting service (I didn’t see anything like that ever)? Could you please clarify?

Thanks in advance.

(Anton Raharja) #7

when using playSMS you need a shell access, playSMS is not the same as those app you mentioned. so you need to seek “web hosting” or “vps” or “dedicated server” that provide you access to a shell, so that you can run a shell scripts playsmsd.


(yela) #8

Hi Anton!! :slight_smile: I tried installing it on Bluehost, all the parameters are meet… I had access to the Shell trough my mac terminal, but it was hard…> I couldn’t get it running… :frowning: I saw on the instructions, that this is as easy as installing wordpress or joomla, but is not!!! :frowning: I Couldn’t get it running…

Is there any instruction on how to install it on a web server such as Bluehost using CENTOS?

(Anton Raharja) #9

install it on VPS not on a web hosting or shared hosting

a VPS access will give you shell root access, thats the easiest way to install playSMS


(yela) #10

I have VPS… but since my hosting is on Centos, I don’t know if some of the commands didn’t match the ubuntu ones… I couldn’t follow all the isntructions. I got errors on some points… I got stuck on Instruction number 8 or 9… Some of the folders weren’t installed, database wasn’t installed… :frowning: It was a little bit frustrating for me!

(yela) #11

Also, once I installed it, if I get to install it successfully! :smile: I need to buy a number from a provider to send the texts and so customers can send the keyword to suscribe?

(Anton Raharja) #12

ah ic, yes, I haven’t actually write for CentOS, perhaps this weekend, looks like a straightforward conversion from ubuntu based howto


(yela) #13

hi!!! :slight_smile: Were you able to write something about CentOs?

(Anton Raharja) #14

I totally forgot about that sorry, so I did it this morning:

The article is best for tutorial, not production. Meaning if you just follow all the instruction then it should be ok but you should be aware that maybe your own CentOS is different than mine, for example due to someone already setting stuffs for you (installation template installed by hosting company for example).


(Star Kids) #15

You should buy a VPS. At OVH you can buy VPS with 2GB Ram only $3.5/month :smiley: then install LAMP, you can choose Ubuntu or CentOS. Finally you can run PlaySMS on it.