Bulk SMS using playsms

(Pamodm) #1

Dear All,

How to send bulk sms using playsms. The use case I’m referring is sending out promotional sms to list of subscriber mobile numbers.

Thank you

(Anton Raharja) #2

do you have the subscriber list ? (a bunch of phone numbers to send to)


(Pamodm) #3

yes I do… I could not find an option on playsms specifically for this purpose than copy pasting a bunch of numbers in to senders number input box.

(Anton Raharja) #4

You can add them to phonebook, make it in a group and then you can send to that group


(Pamodm) #5

thanx… will try that. Is there any feature available to import a list of numbers from a .txt or .csv

(Anton Raharja) #6

Yes, send from file. But, you better add them to a group in phonebook, you can add by importing the CSV file.


(Teena biswas ) #7

I am searching how to send bulk SMS using playsms because I want Keep customers updated regularly by sending alerts of special offers, deals etc. So that I am looking for Bulk SMS marketing services.

(Ritu Sharma) #8

I found new Bulk SMS Service Provider. They have lots of bulk sms packages and you can also customize the sms package according to your needs.