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Bug: Duplicate message when re-sending

(unoc_u34) #1

When a message is re-sent, instead of re-sending the same message, a clone is created, one with a status sent, the other pending. Please, if you can fix this bug. Since when re-sending several messages (if we allow them 100), the same number of clones with a stratum “sent” are created, and those that are waiting, will hang with the status in

first, second, fourth, fifth messages, please pay attention.


(unoc_u34) #2

Anton, if there are resources, please take a look at this service behavior. Thanks in advance.

(Anton Raharja) #3

Its not a bug. A resend is a new sms, not old sms being sent again, its a copy of old sma sent as new sms.


(unoc_u34) #4

Do you think it would be better to re-send the same one, rather than duplicate one more record. Since: If you send a little SMS, track the status is not difficult. But if we are talking about 100,000> SMS, firstly it reduces productivity, due to the fact that the records are duplicated, and secondly, to monitor the state becomes problematic. In my subjective opinion, it would be advisable not to duplicate the records, but to change the status of the original. This way you can win both in performance and in terms of SMS status tracking.

(Anton Raharja) #5

Understood, noted. But thats the current design. Someone need to at least submit that as an issue in GitHub.


(unoc_u34) #6


Best regards,
Jamshid Tursunov

(unoc_u34) #7

If you find a solution, it will be very cool, thanks for the fact that your project is there and accompany it. I have plans for donations, I really want to contribute to the project and a good person =) Thanks again.

Jamshid Tursunov