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Billing table deletion of records

Is is safe if you are using billing to delete the entries from playsms_tblBilling as it takes a while to update once the tables has a lot of rows in it.


No, tblBilling used to calculate credit unfortunately.


Thanks, so if I make a note of the current credit delete the records and empty the balance on the tblUser and reinstate the credit will be the only way around this ? or will running a rebuild of the table make it quicker like OPTIMIZE TABLE tblBilling.

probably adding a way to “archive” old data entries will be better

currently that table is used to calculate credit, if you remove entries then credits will returns

I haven’t test your way but should work. use docker playsms for quick test on your laptop/pc, configure rate, send some tests message and see credits and tblBilling, and continue with your test


Thanks as usual for you quick reply.