(Big Problem) too few messages generated multiple groups

(Bernhard Bianca) #1

When i send a sms to multiple groups for example #Group1, #Groupp2, #Group3
the amount of messages that are generated are too less.
Sometimes it generates 103 Messages, sometimes 130, then 123 but it should be ca.190 messages.

I use SMSTools as Gateway/SMSC.
When I look in playsms log i can see something like this:

“L2 sendsmsd # start processing queue_code:b60c6532acc83f14fd0c2cabee66fc8b chunk:0 queue_count:123”

SMSTools sends all messages generated by playsms without prolbems.
I think it is a PlaySMS problem.
I also inspected phonebook but all seems to be ok.

Please can someone help me. It is very importatnt because we use PlaySMS in our comnpany.

(Edilson Spessoto) #2

Duplicate or invalid group entries maybe? If do you send twice consecutively, it wil have diferent number of sms?

(Bernhard Bianca) #3

Thank you for your reply. I do not have duplicate phonebook or group entries. The only thing I found out, that if i export phonebook as csv i have a few phonebook memebers who have empty entries in the group cell for example
group1, goup2," " . I deleted the emty entries and reimported but it is the same problem. If i send consecutively it has exact the same amount of sms created.