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Auto unsubscribe with STOP keyword

(Miguel Licero) #1


Anyone has had any experience creating an auto-unsubscribe overytime someone reply with the word STOP?
Can we make it so it removes a contact from a particular group?


(Scott) #2

Would it make sense to have a routine that puts them in the stoplist instead?

(Miguel Licero) #3

Yes it may work. What im looking for is that if someone replies ‘STOP’ then automatically an action is triggered and the phone number/contact is removed.
What do you think?

(Scott) #4

I’m looking at doing the exact same thing. I think an eventhandler needs to be invoked. I’ll update if I get anywhere.

(Anton Raharja) #5

probably useful if you want to tinker:

see how I hook recvsms_intercept()

basically you need to hook recvsms_intercept(), look for the word STOP and then call function to remove a number from a group, or whatever you need


(Scott) #6

I can’t seem to get to that file, I get a 404 on Github… could you be a little more specific on this?

(Anton Raharja) #7

the plugin name’s changed from sms autorespond to just autorespond, so here it is:


(Scott) #8

I think what I am looking for is when someone replies with the text “STOP”, I want to add that number to the stoplist. Is that possible or easy?

(Scott) #9

The hardest part is that if the autorespond needs to be invoked to call another function, the autorespond plugin is not included in the main project.

(Adam) #10

Did you ever sort this out? I am looking for the same functionality!

(Daniel) #11

did you solve this? I am stil wondering on the same problem. Please notify me if you’ve solved this.