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Admin does not see sub-users of other users

(unoc_u34) #1

The following situation: Some user A will have a sub-user B. User A has credits with which he can dispose, i.e. give a part of credits to the sub-user. If, on behalf of the account of the administrator, you want to subtract all credits of user A, then after that user A will have credits 0. But for a sub-user, it will remain so. Logically, the admin should see all users and sub-users so that they can be manipulated. But the admin does not see the sub-user B, user A in the list of credits, he does not see more than one sub-user other than his own. This provides some disadvantages. Since to subtract the credits of sub-user B, you need to log in user A and manipulate the credits of sub-user B. And if such users with their several sub-users are 100 or more, it will be very inconvenient to manage under users. It seems to me it would be right if the admin saw all users and sub-users (with a certain label that this sub-user belongs to no one user) and manage his credits.

Jamshid Tursunov


(Anton Raharja) #2

Understood. But the design was:

  • admins manage users and users manage sub-users
    • admin “deals business” with users only
    • users “deals business” with their own sub-users
  • the credit system reflects that too
    • real credits given by admin to users
    • users can manage virtual credits for its own sub-users

Currently theres no need for admin to manage sub-users.

Unless of course you want to provide some sort of support system where admins are assigned to manage sub-users as well. In that case no UI available in playSMS right now for that, that needs to be added.