ACL - how do I set it up?

(Graeme Lewis) #1

Dear @anton

I read a lot on the forum but see nothing that can help me see what the ACL does. I understand its an access control list.

Say I want to restrict a user account to only be able to send SMS to India. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

(Anton Raharja) #2


ACL is to limit access to menus. It checked the URL and compare that to user’s ACL’s listed URL.

Use route outgoing sms to route certain prefix.


(Graeme Lewis) #3

Thank you for your reply

(Graeme Lewis) #4

@anton so I have to configure the pricing according to this here. Say a client pays me £3,000. Will it work if i set up an account for him on what I might call mmy “wholesale” route, and then I set the SMS rate to 0.005 but give him 3,000 SMS credit. That route then will us up the credit of 3,000 at a rate of .005 per message.

Am I right?

(Anton Raharja) #6

unfortunately the sms rate is simple right now, it can only set rate for unique prefix, so above configuration cannot be implemented


(Graeme Lewis) #7

thank you, much appreciated the reply