A bug in the "Send from file"

(Mapiiiaji) #1


Please note there is no tick in front of “Prevent duplicates”.
If I continue to “Upload file”:


The trigger checks the file and tells us that it is valid. In fact, the file contains identical duplicated rows. Since I removed the checkmark in front of the “Prevent duplicates”, according to the idea I should receive 15 SMS messages. But this is not the case. And this is because the tick in front of the “Prevent duplicates” automatically appears and it’s a bug!
If I click on “Send SMS to valid entries”:

I can see that the halo in front of the “Prevent duplicates” appeared on its own. But I cleaned it, at the beginning of the file download.
Please fix this bug, thanks for your product.

(Mapiiiaji) #2

Please pay attention.